Letter to the editor: Elect Tully as Lincoln’s state rep

November 6, 2016

To the editor Lincoln Squirrel:

When I first heard Stacey Gallagher Tully was running for the office of state representative, I immediately fired off an email asking her to join me for coffee. She was quick to agree to meet with me and I am writing to ask you to consider giving her your consideration in the election on November 8.

Stacey comes from a family with a long history of working on the Kennedys’ campaigns, and Stacey has spent time in D.C. and Georgia working with Jimmy Carter. She too has a long history of public service and is ready to take the step of moving into the legislature. You may have seen Stacey at Donelan’s, at the transfer station or at one of a number of Lincoln locations.   She has come to Lincoln Woods at least two times and at a coffee hosted there recently she told us of her plans to hold office hours in Lincoln and how much she looks forward to working to bring both communities together to solve issues we have in common.

The obvious issue is traffic. Driving off Route 128 onto Route 20 and then Route 117 is not just a Waltham issue. As most of us know, it has a huge impact on us here in Lincoln. We need a representative that will talk to us, the people of Lincoln, who will work with us, who will be accountable to us. Stacey Gallagher Tully is asking to be that person. She has a proven track record working on senior issues and health issues in Waltham. She has a history of serving the people of her community and would like us to be part of her community.

Contrast this with her opponent Mr. Stanley, who is without a doubt committed to Waltham—but Lincoln, not so much. To be sure, Stanley has helped the administration in Lincoln gain access to the right people in Boston; after 16 years he knows his way around. As for the rest of us in Lincoln, he has been absent. In fact, he is quoted in the recent Lincoln Journal as saying he spends all his campaign time in Waltham. Lincoln is not even on his agenda.

Many of us remember the days not so long ago when we had a state representative who spent time in Lincoln, talked with us, the residents, and worked to serve all of us in Boston, not just the administration. A vote for Stacey Gallagher Tully is a vote for representation of the people, by the people.


Sharon K. Antia ~ 165 South Great Rd. Lincoln


People are Talking

"Over the years I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of various politicians in our federal, state, and local governments. It is clear to me that until we change the status quo in Massachusetts we will continue to see and feel the effects of partisan politics at work. I am proud and honored to offer an endorsement of Independent candidate Stacey Gallagher Tully for State Representative of the 9th Middlesex District. A life-long resident of Waltham, graduate of Boston College, and tireless advocate of senior citizens in the city, Stacey Gallagher Tully can bring the needed change for the citizens of the 9th District.

Having known Stacey for more than 40 years, I have always been impressed by her commitment to the citizens of the City of Waltham. I most admire her selfless volunteer work as President of the Friends of Waltham Senior Citizens. Stacey has tirelessly advocated for, and raised funds to support our senior population. This is by no means her only involvement in charitable endeavors as she is actively involved in many that continue to impact and benefit our citizens. In addition, as a member of several boards, including 8 years on the Waltham Recreation board, Stacey has been an effective agent of change for our citizens.  

I have witnessed firsthand Stacey’s tremendous ability to get things done. She does this by listening to the needs of an individual or group, focusing on the goal, organizing the resources to address the issue, and then executing the plan and bringing the project to fruition. To me, these skills are exactly what is needed in a State Representative, or any politician for that matter. In addition, Stacey always acts with integrity, caring, and thoughtfulness, traits that are useful during the discussion of issues in any governmental process. As a selfless leader, she is quick to credit the other volunteers who work with her in her various efforts. All of these traits point to a strong leader, one that we need working for us at the State House.

For all of these reasons, please join me in voting for Stacey Gallagher Tully for State Representative of the 9th district on November 8th!"

 - Ed Logue, Waltham


"It is with great enthusiasm that I submit this notice of endorsement for Stacey Gallagher Tully, candidate for State Representative, 9th Middlesex District of Massachusetts.  I have known the Gallagher family for 50 years as I attended Waltham High School during Stacey’s father’s tenure as principal.  I was a teacher and coach at Waltham High during Stacey’s high school years and more recently had the honor of coaching her son, Joseph, at Waltham High School.  I have come to know this Magna Cum Laude graduate of Boston College to have an impeccable moral compass and a history of servicing numerous segments of the community at large. Family, education, elder affairs, arts, dance, youth hockey and baseball all define Stacey Gallagher Tully.

As a parent of a developmentally disabled child, who Stacey as befriended for years, and as a retired educator and coach at both the Lincoln & Waltham Public Schools for over 40 years, I strongly recommend Stacey Gallagher Tully to represent the 9th Middlesex District."

- Daniel Doyle; Lifelong Resident of Waltham Massachusetts


"I'm writing this in regards to the election for State Representative in the 9th Middlesex District  where in unlike so many other elections there is but one clear choice, Stacey Gallagher Tully.  My dear friend Stacey is not looking for a career in politics or using this election as a stepping stone to further office, she’s looking to serve because that’s what she’s been doing her entire adult life.  Whether it’s the Waltham Board of Recreation in Waltham, organizing charity events like Dancing with the Waltham Stars or being recognized as a Waltham Unsung Hero she’s making a positive difference in the lives of her fellow citizens.  Stacey doesn’t do these things for money or accolades; she does them because she sees a need.

Now she sees an opportunity to expand her outreach so that it may benefit more people.  That’s why she’s running.  

I’ve known Stacey for nearly 40 years and never have I met a more altruistic person. I have been lucky enough to be involved with Waltham Dancing with the Stars for the past 5 years and have first hand knowledge of the amazing enthusiasm and energy she brings to any task she takes on.   She deserves your vote because she’s earned it by her many selfless acts, particularly with some of our most vulnerable, the senior citizens.   It’s a vote you can be proud of as it’s for a true citizen legislator, not a career politician."

 - Jane Kelley Coffua 27 Mayall Road Waltham Home: 781-891-6491; Cell 781-392-5999 


"I would like to recommend to you to vote for Stacey Gallagher Tully for MA State Representative 9th Middlesex District, which includes Lincoln and Waltham.  Stacey’s early career was a big success in the hospitality industry and later during her tenure as an officer with Gulf Resources, an International Corporation based in London. This has given her the vital leadership experience needed to create legislation to solve the problems of our troubled times.  Stacey raised her two children who now are completing college.  While doing so, Stacey , along with her late mother Marge Gallagher, raised thousands of dollars for many non-profits to teach and train the youth and senior citizens the benefits of dance and exercise.  Stacey continues this work with students of all ages including many senior citizens. 

Stacey’s opponent ,in his recent campaign against Waltham Mayor McCarthy, claims he is fiscally responsible, but he raised and spent close to $200,000.00 and lost.   Mayor McCarthy raised and spent close to $24,000.00 to win.   He spent approximately $36.00 per vote to her approximate $4.00 per vote.  This type of spending calls into question his judgment, which is detrimental to all the residents of Waltham and Lincoln. 

As a retired city official in Waltham; 10 terms as a City Councilor, 6 terms as President of City Council, Chairman of the Conservation Commission, 1st Chairman of the Community Preservation Act, Member of the Cable Commission, and former State Representative, I urge your readers to vote for Stacey Gallagher Tully for MA State Representative 9th Middlesex District."

 - Joe Maguire 47 Graymore Road Waltham, MA  02451 781 894 7616

"Vote for someone who inspires the youth.  For as long as I can remember, Stacey has been a pivotal part in the Waltham community. When she was not working with the schools or the dance/health community Stacey was serving the community on a different level of the age spectrum. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Stacey started serving the elderly population of Waltham at the Waltham Senior Center. She started Dancing with the Stars, an event during which locals practice for months and compete against one another in front of an audience. This event has become a huge success over the years and brings well deserved attention to the Waltham Senior Center. Serving the elderly takes a special kind of person it takes someone with patience, compassion and motivation. The elderly population can be one of the most vulnerable and ostracized groups in a community however, with leaders like Stacey that is not the status quo.

Stacey was rightfully awarded The Unsung Hero Award in 2014 at the Waltham Heroes Award Ceremony. In her acceptance speech she referred to the award as the “we” award. I believe this truly exemplifies her innate ability to think in terms of a community. Participating in The Splash Mash Dash, a mini-triathlon for children ages 5-13 in Lincoln we can see that Stacy is aware of need to serve families that make up the communities.

Being born and raised in Waltham, I am fortunate enough to personally know Stacey Gallagher Tully, a truly inspirational woman. I attended the same elementary school as Stacey’s children. She was very involved in the school community and would volunteer whenever the opportunity became available. Stacy soon became a second mother figure to me, driving me to dance classes, numerous after schools functions and even taking me to the first concert I ever attended. Stacey was a huge part of my formative years. At the time I did not understand just how involved Stacey was in our community but now as an adult I can say that she has truly inspired me to be a part of my community. It was crucial for me to as a child to know a woman like Stacey. A family woman, who is compassionate, diligent and motivated about her community, is truly a unique and crucial example for all youth to be exposed to.

I ask you all, especially the youth of Waltham, to join me in voting for Stacey Gallagher Tully, someone who inspires, as Massachusetts State Representative. 

"Vote pou yon moun ki enspire jèn yo.  Pou osi lontan ke mwen ka sonje Stacey te yon pati esansyèl nan kominote a Waltham. Lè li pa te ap travay ak lekòl yo oswa dans / kominote a sante Stacey te sèvi kominote a sou yon nivo diferan nan spectre an laj. Apre nan mak pye manman l 'lan Stacey te kòmanse k ap sèvi popilasyon an granmoun aje nan Waltham nan mitan Senior Waltham. Li te kòmanse Dans ak Stars an, yon evènman pandan ki moun nan lokalite pratike pou mwa ak konpetisyon kont youn ak lòt nan devan yon odyans. Sa a te evènman vin yon gwo siksè sou ane yo ak pote byen merite atansyon sou Sant la Senior Waltham. Sèvi granmoun aje a pran yon kalite espesyal nan moun li pran yon moun ki gen pasyans, konpasyon ak motivasyon. Popilasyon an granmoun aje kapab youn nan gwoup yo ki pi frajil ak ostrasize nan yon kominote sepandan, ak lidè tankou Stacey ki pa anyen nan stati.

 Stacey te just bay plis enkoni Prim nan Ewo nan 2014 nan Waltham seremoni an ewo pou prim. Nan diskou aksepte l 'li refere yo bay prim lan kòm, "nou" prim lan. Mwen kwè ke sa se vre wi: ilustr kapasite natirèl li nan panse an tèm de yon kominote. Patisipe nan priz la Splash Mach, yon mini-triyatlon pou timoun ki gen laj 5-13 nan Lincoln nou ka wè ke Stacey se okouran de bezwen sèvi fanmi ki fè moute kominote yo.

 Ke yo te fèt epi grandi nan Waltham Se mwen menm ki ase ere pèsonèlman konnen Stacey Gallagher Tully, yon fanm se vre wi: enspirasyon. Mwen te ale nan menm lekòl la primè tankou yon timoun Stacey nan. Li te trè patisipe nan kominote lekòl la e yo ta sèvi kòm volontè chak fwa opòtinite pou te vin disponib. Stacey te vin pli vit yon figi manman dezyèm m ', mete m' yo pou pou danse klas, anpil apre lekòl fonksyon ak menm pran m 'nan konsè a premye fwa mwen tout tan tout tan ale nan. Stacey te yon pati gwo ane fòmatè mwen. Nan moman sa a mwen pa t 'konprann jis ki jan patisipe Stacey te nan kominote nou an men kounye a kòm yon granmoun Mwen kapab di ke li te se vre wi: enspire m' yo dwe yon pati nan kominote mwen. Li te enpòtan pou mwen pou m tankou yon timoun yo konnen yon fanm tankou Stacey. Yon fanm fanmi, ki moun ki konpasyon, debouya ak motive sou kominote li, se vrèman yon inik ak enpòtan egzanp pou tout jèn yo dwe ekspoze a.

 Mwen mande nou tout, espesyalman jèn yo nan Waltham yo rantre nan m 'nan vote pou Stacey Gallagher Tully, yon moun ki enspire, kòm Reprezantan Eta a Massachusetts."

 - Carla E. Prophete  Smart Street, Waltham 781-899-3655


"For many years, Stacey has been a leader and an energetic hard worker for  the senior citizens and for her community.  It is time to share her many talents with the rest of the State.  She has earned your support and your vote"

  - Paul Bau, retired from Polaroid 

"I worked with Stacey for many years and always found her to be fiercely loyal, fiercely intelligent and phenomenally hard working. I can think of no one more suited to look after the needs and concerns of her constituents"

- Henry Togna, Hotelier/Restaurateur/Property Developer, London, United Kingdom


"Stacey Tully has been a dear friend of mine since our days together at Waltham High School. Since then       I have seen her work tirelessly for the good citizens of Waltham. Her work to support the seniors  has been inspirational to watch. As State Representative she will no doubt be a voice of the people as her passion for  building relationships and getting things done will positively impact the citizens of both Waltham & Lincoln. I’m proud to call her my friend."

- Brian Langley






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