Campaign Issues

Stacey Gallagher Tully has been very active campaigning in the community since announcing her candidacy for State Representative, 9th Middlesex District, on May 12th.  The district includes all of Lincoln, and wards 1, 2, 3, 4.1, 5.2, 6.1, and 7.1 of Waltham.  The election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

So many issues face us.  Stacey Gallagher Tully will work together with, and for, the people of Lincoln and Waltham to make our community a better place.  She has been working hard, knocking on doors and canvassing our neighborhoods, meeting constituents and listening to issues.

In Waltham, Stacey participated in many Veterans’ activities including placing flags at the cemeteries and other Memorial Day remembrances; memorial tributes and support of the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall; and the dedication of the Sgt. Robert Campbell Dakin Square, in tribute to the lifelong Waltham resident who went missing in 1950 while in service to our country during the Korean War.   

Stacey also attended the dedication of the Virginia “Ginny” Cronin Hays Square.  Mrs. Hays became the first woman to have a square dedicated in her name in Waltham.  A World War II veteran, Mrs. Hays was born in Waltham in 1922, and lived most of her life in the city.

In addition, Stacey coordinated the Carousel School Graduation, including entertainment; participated in the 1st and 2nd “Cops & Cones” events at Pizzi Farms with the Waltham Police; was an invited guest at the installation of Rotary Club President Kelly Hill; supported the Lions Club Fundraiser; and attended many local events including the Steampunk Festival on the Waltham Common and the two-day Riverfest event, along with Fourth of July events at Prospect Hill and Leary Field.

In Lincoln, Stacey participated in the Annual July 4th Road Race, followed by the town parade.  She has also been out in the community meeting and talking with both Town Administrators and the residents of Lincoln and she volunteered her time staffing the Splash Mash Dash, a mini triathlon for kids ages 5-13.

A long-time community activist and volunteer, Stacey was born, raised and educated in Waltham.  Youngest of five children of the late Bill and Marge (Keefe) Gallagher, Stacey and her husband, Shawn Tully, settled in Waltham following their marriage in 1990 and raised their two children Jennifer and Joseph in the Watch City as well.  Stacey is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Boston College and has over 35 years of professional and political experience.  She was recognized in 2014 as a “Waltham Unsung Hero” by the Waltham Lions Club.

"My campaign will focus on issues important to the 9th Middlesex constituents, including Veterans, Senior Citizens, Education, Health and Wellness and Traffic/Transportation Infrastructure”, said Tully.  “Knocking on doors, listening to the constituents on a daily basis about their concerns, as well as their pride in the communities of Lincoln and Waltham, is the most rewarding part of this campaign"



Strengthen public education in the community

Protect funding for early intervention programs

Support affordable higher education. 








Traffic/Transportation Infrastructure:

Maintenance and Improvement of bridges, roads and routing. 

Too  Much Traffic



Senior Citizens:


Health and Safety for the Elderly to include affordable housing, homecare programs, and support of programming at local council on aging centers.






Continued improvement and support of Veterans Benefits. 



Work together across agencies and parties to fight the battle of the opioid crisis, with efforts in prevention, treatment, recovery and law enforcement.  This epidemic is one of the most serious health threats, and it does not discriminate.




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